About me


I am a Romanian photographer and a nature enthusiast who developed a strong passion for hiking, this being a relatively new past-time activity for me. Although I have been dancing around the idea of becoming a photographer as early as 2007, I climbed a mountain for the first time in 2011, when I truly discovered myself.

Ever since, being motivated by other nature photographers from Romania, especially Dorin Bofan, Pavel Laurentiu, Serban Simbotelecan, I strived to develop not only my technique, but also my vision regarding my own photos, and to express through images all of my inner feelings which were felt during these said hikes.

In order to achieve this, I tried getting out of my mundane comfort zone and travel as much as possible to different places, in order to capture the flabbergasting light of dusk and dawn. I only hope my journey does not end here and that you enjoy what you see, this being my biggest satisfaction.